reflection | projection
@ KU Spencer Museum of Art 2010
reflection – projection is an installation that explores the process of reflection through the medium of sound. Throughout its 45-minute duration, different sound fields emerge from six audio channels located throughout the museum space. In this environment, the listener is better able to detect the sculptured movements of sound as they walk throughout the space. Listeners are encouraged to contribute to the sound environment by reading excerpts (from the Spencer Museum’s Art Minute pamphlet) into a recording microphone located in the museum space. The recordings obtained from the microphone will be looped 15-minute segments and projected into the sound field.

The human ear is unusually adept at locating sound sources even when a significant amount of interference is involved. In an enclosed room, the human auditory system interprets only the direct sound while filtering out the reflecting sounds (from walls and other barriers) to localize a sound source. Nevertheless, certain acoustic modifications can be implemented to distort these physical modes of perception. Different mixing techniques were used in this installation to approximate certain acoustic effects such as sound refraction, diffusion and delay.

The installation is divided into several sections of sound content including audio taken from submarines, cities, factories, forests, birds and other ambient environments. Additionally, live audio was recorded and manipulated specifically for the installation using the piano, saxophone and drums. The uses of modeled static sounds encourage the listener to engage in a type of auditory localization process whereby an almost tangible materialization of sound is perceived.

  • toms i
  • toms ii
  • toms iii
  • toms iv
  • toms v
  • toms ensemble
  • birds + submarine sequence excerpt
  • submarine sequence two
  • coins
  • saxophone gestures
  • saxophone points chorus
  • word branches
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