nolan lem video
installation videos

push-pole (2014)

push-pole (2014) from Nolan Lem on Vimeo.

dice roll (2014)

Dice Roll (2014) from Nolan Lem on Vimeo.

resonating sheet metal circuit (2013)

self-resonating sheet metal from Nolan Lem on Vimeo.

swarm and drone (2013) commentary

swarm and drone installation commentary (2014) from Nolan Lem on Vimeo.

Nolan Lem Solo Show at WonderFair Feb. 2012

Haptics live
Feedback Control System for Resonant chamber of tenor sax
Bird Fetish and Pointedly I.
with soprano sax and MAX/MSP
Pointedly II.
Bb Clarinet- Ring Modulator - MAX/MSP
Still Chaconne
made with soprano and sinusoidal resynthesis
Bato Pape

Bate Papo

samples from "Escola De Samba Mocidade Independente de Padre Migue" video: archival footage from Papua New Guinea and "IT"
@ LoveGarden 2010
Saxophonic Subterranea

saxophonic subterranea from nolan lem on Vimeo.

for MAX/MSP, Ableton Live and Soprano Sax
El Portal live in ITALY
EL PORTAL in Mestre, ITALY 2011 at FLAT (1)
crunch I.

crunch I. from nolan lem on Vimeo.