autonomous sense object

Wood, Steel, Acrylic, Velcro, 3D Printed Prosthetic Fingers, Leather, Lace, Speaker Cones, Electronics, Motors

Focusing in on the velcro material as a sound fetish object, this piece explores the overlap between the ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) and BDSM (bondage dominance sadism masochism) communities. Here an appendage shrouded in leather bondage material is pecked, probed, and poked by a kinetic array of the artist's prosthetic velcro-tipped fingers. Several speakers affixed to the fingers are driven acoustically by the velcro extrications that transfer energy into the speaker cones. This mechanical transduction operating on the speaker cone uses the natural amplification from the materials to create a perpetual ripping sound.

This piece addresses issues related techno-eroticism, automata theory, and casts the body as a cyborgian object of erotic materiality. The BDSMR object complicates our awareness of sound by examining aurality as a fetish, as an agent in sensory arousal that derives from our darker, more lurid impulses.

read the essay in 'Politics of The Machine' published by the British Computer Society here