tout ce qu'on a construit / everything we constructed

ratchets, motors, electronics, steel, microcontroller, computer

tout ce qu'on a construit / everything we constructed from Nolan Lem on Vimeo.

In this piece, the ratchet is used as a functional sound object where it stands as a symbol of time, work, and physical labor. Time itself is (de)constructed across each ticking tool, interweaving sonic pulses that self-organize, align, and devolve. Recalling the mechanics of a clock, the ratchet can only move in one direction where it ticks and tocks with metronomic precision. "Work" is performed when exerting a force in the opposite direction where it is typically employed to provide torque to bolts: its signature clicking sound is a signifier of physical labor. Arranged in a physical space, the ratchets’ rhythms are emergent, each one synchronizing to one another to suggest a physical coupling between disparate senses of time.

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