triadic attractor

steel, magnets, custom all-analog circuitry, speakers, motors
dimensions: 7' x 4'

triadic attractor is a physical antenna system that translates magnetic and RF fields into sound. It is comprised of 3 high powered magnets that swing on pendulum rods. Hovering below the magnets are sensors that pick up the applied magnetic field which is then fed through custom designed analog circuits, forming a VCA with a tunable audio oscillator element. Specific frequencies were chosen to interact within the otoacoustic range of the human ear. Taken together, this system seeks a ecological communion between the chambers of the inner ear to the chamber of the stairwell space in which it is housed. This inner-outer dialectic forms the basis for sound reception in general.

The entire structure also acts as a physical antenna that picks up spurious radio frequencies, interfering and disrupting the generative electrical circuitry. This sculpture broadcasts the transduction of electrical and physical spaces into a sound real or imagined, material or electromagnetic, static or kinetic.