12/21/20 Our Neuromusic Lab is seeing participants for my psychoacoustics study at the following link if you'd like to take it: swarm tapping study
8/20/20 Currently in Ljubljana, Slovenia preparing my upcoming installation "IN PRAISE OF IDLENESS" premiering at Galerija Alkatraz
My piece, "engine errors / self-portrait", is being presented in Coimbra, Portugal as part of the sound art exhibition at ICCC 2020
1/14/20 Currently in Lyon, France as a researcher in residence @ GRAME
12/2/19 - 12/6/19 : I'll be at the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) Conference in San Diego presenting my paper, "Extracting beat from a crowd of loosely coupled, concurrent periodic stimuli"
10/14/19 - 10/18/19 : I'll be at the International Symposium on Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research (CMMR) in Marseille presenting my paper, "Kurosillators: A Max-MSP Object for Sound Synthesis using Coupled Oscillator Networks"
9/26/19 - 9/27/19 : I'll be at the Predictive Brain Conference in Marseille presenting my paper, "Extracting beat from a crowd of loosely coupled, concurrent periodic stimuli"
8/1/19: Currently doing an artist and research residency at the Medialogy Department at Aalborg University Copenhagen
5/28/19 - 6/1/19 : I'll be at the Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC) in Malaga, Spain to presenting my research on coupled oscillator systems (see paper )
3/25/19: Doing a residency at Vermont Studio Center until May
5/20/18: Performing some new work at Museum of Modern Art Buenos Aires (MAMBA) 5/20/18 as part of the ESCUCHAR festival
3/17/18: Two new site-specific installations, 'Tentacule' and 'activation', for LHOSTE ART CONTEMPORAIN gallery. gallery in Arles, France as part of bruire exhibition March 17-April 21st.
1/13/18: In Paris for a residency at la Cité des Internationale des Arts in the Marais.
I'm preparing for an upcoming exhibition in Arles, France at LHOSTE ART CONTEMPORAIN gallery. Opening is March 17th, 2018. Very excited to present work in France!
11/3/17: My solo exhibition, Invisible Choirs, opens tonight from 6pm-9pm. Presented at Pro Arts Gallery in Oakland go to INVISIBLE CHOIRS gallery page for more info. Invisible Choirs runs from Nov 3 - Dec 1, 2017.
7/4/17: I'm up in Paris doing a residency at IRCAM until mid August. I'm working with the Music Representation team continuing research on neural networks as generative devices. Come say HI if you're around Paris!
4/27/17: autonomous sense object will be shown at the Morley Gallery in London, UK as part of the Engine Room Sound Arts show. goto show site . Show is running from May 3rd - June 1st, 2017.
4/1/18: Come check out some outgrowths of my current sound research in machine learning and neural networks. My spatial audio piece NEURAL ORDINANCE incorporates research I've been doing in audio synthesis using recurrent neural networks. It will be performed as part of CEMEC at UCSD on April 8th.
11/9/16: my BDSM + ASMR = BDSMR piece, autonomous sense object , OPENING night at 'MAGNITUDES' group show in east Harlem NYC.@ Art345 Gallery . Up til Nov 21st. come check it out
10/05/16: I'm preparing a multi-channel work for the annual Transitions festival at CCRMA. I'll be presenting a piece of mine, neural ordinance, that uses some of my current research in audio synthesis using machine learning . Namely, been on a quest to try to synthesize consumer industrial noise using recurrent neural networks.Link to the concert event CCRMA TRANSITIONS 2016
8/22/16: Check out some footage from my studio residency at MassMoCA - . It's a neural network of sorts - the sounds were taken generated from some of my research in audio synthesis using recurrent neural nets to create computer representations of industrial noise
7/22/16: I'm out in Massachusetts doing a residency @ MassMOCA from July 22 - Aug 11.
7/10/16: Come see my installation, bitbreather for Pioneer Works open studios
6/20/16: Doing a residency @ PIONEER WORKS from June 20 - July 20
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